Amicus Stories

Judah at Work

“Thanks to all at Amicus who have been or currently involved with the support of my son Judah Sayer-Castle! We are very proud of his development and progress. I know Amicus have been instrumental in working with him and supporting him to do so well at Jimmy Possum. Thankyou, Thankyou!Mark Castle, Father of Judah Sayer-Castle – TeenWork Program participant.

Judah’s family were uncertain of how he would manage in a work environment. We listened to their concerns but still encouraged them to give it a go because we felt he had such amazing skills. We were able to get a local business to host a tailor-made work placement in their painting studio with just the right level of matched support and Judah just loved it, showing us all what an awesome work ethic he has with so much to offer.