Amicus Stories

Mitch at Work

“Mitch has developed extremely fast. When he first came here, he was maybe a little bit shy. But now he has just opened up to the idea of being a drummer. He has the opportunity here to really expand his skills and his timing is really great. When he first started he was a little bit all over the place. But now he actually gets i – he is counting and all of those sorts of basic skills you need to be a drummer.

One of my recommendations for other businesses getting involved in Teenworks is to be positive about it. You’ve got to be able to look for that’s switch and find what works. You have to go for all these different switches, and one will go on and you will know exactly what to do. I don’t consider Mitchell a student, or a client or anything, I consider him a friend. He just walked in here and grabbed the microphone and said ‘lets rock out’ and ever since then it’s been an amazing journey. To see people like Mitchell grow and grow, for me that is the reward. It makes you realise how good life is. His look on life is incredible and it’s inspiring to me. It’s made me be more thankful for the life that I live. He has influenced me a lot.”
Albert 'Skip' Skipper - Rock Pride Music