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Celebrating 30 Years with the release of ‘One Person At A Time’

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“There is a saying that helping one person might not change the world, but it could change the world for one person. With an organisational vision to create a community that welcomes people for who they are and what they bring, there is still much to do. But rest assured that Amicus will continue its steadfast progress towards realising this vision, one person at a time”

–  Book Chapter, Looking Foward Looking Back, written by Ann-Maree Davis


Officially launched at our 30th birthday gala dinner, our brand new professionally published book ‘One Person At A Time – Celebrating 30 Years of Amicus’ shares the stories, milestones and challenges of our organisation.

The book reflects on 30 years of contribution to our community through the voices of those who know Amicus best, the people who choose Amicus’ support, their families, and staff and committee of managagement both past and present.


You can purchase a copy of the book for $30 HERE or in person from our Bendigo office.



Author Sarah Harris with Ann-Maree Davis

Published by Tough Cookie Marketing

Printed by Bart N Print