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Self-Directed Teams at Amicus

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“When someone becomes a part of the community they feel empowered, they feel like they can do anything.”

– Susan Perkins, Support Coordinator

At the heart of our Self-Directed Teams, is a belief that all people have the right to decide about the things that happen in their lives. The benefits that come from self-directed teams is that support workers can put all their energies into building a meaningful relationship and understand a participant’s support needs. For participants, they get more choice about what they do in their lives, which means their plans are better suited to achieving their goals and dreams.

“They are really getting closer to living their best life, and that’s really satisfying work for anyone working in our sector. You know, that’s why we get out of bed, that’s the passion, that’s what drives us to do the work that we do.”

– Amicus CEO, Ann-Maree Davis.

We give information, support and opportunities for people to direct their own lives and the services they want from Amicus. Take the time to watch how self-directed teams are changing the lives of participants, the greater community and the disability sector.

If you would like more information or to inquire about our Self-Directed Teams, please call our Bendigo Office on (03) 5441 2666.