Achieve Your Goals in 2019 with a Self-Directed Teams Approach

Amicus Amicus News

In 2019, Amicus will be looking to roll out our self-directed teams approach across the whole organisation. After trialling the approach over the last 18 months, we have seen outstanding results for our participants including, people going back to school, taking holidays and even moving interstate.

We believe that these outcomes are a direct result of participants having greater control and choice over the services they received from Amicus throughout the process of self-directed teams.

Self-directed teams are all about moving away from a hierarchical structure and putting the decision-making process back in the hands of participants, family members, and support workers. This means that participants and families can choose activities and services that align with their individual goals or needs.

At Amicus, we seek to deliver the best support possible for each individual and believe this approach enables you to live your good life.

If you would like to know more about how self-directed teams can support you, contact our Bendigo Office on (03) 5441 2666.