Understanding how self-directed teams create better outcomes

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At Amicus, we believe that every person has the right to decide how they would like to live their best life. Our unique self-directed team framework ensures that each person that we support has the maximum opportunity to achieve this as we remove the unnecessary layers of administration and allow you to communicate directly with the core group of people who support you.  If you require a change to your support or have feedback or important information to provide, the people who know you, and your family will be able to receive and action this information quickly and effectively.  Our self-directed team model ensures you can.

1. Choose your own support person

Here at Amicus we want our team members to “know a lot about a few people, instead of a little bit about a lot of people. This approach allows for relationships to be established and thrive, so that trust and confidence can really build between you and your support workers.  You always know who the person will be who is coming to support you.

2. Discuss what you need directly with your support team’s members

Rather than speaking with management, admin or someone you don’t know, you can speak directly to your team’s members and support workers about what you need; this ensures you have more control over the services you receive from Amicus. Your directions are delivered straight to the people who need to know.

3. Achieve your goals with someone who understands you

Whether you wish to start working, learn how to paint, join a community group or improve your health – our self-directed teams approach can help you to achieve these goals by utilising your NDIS funding to match services and activities that align with your personal goals, whatever they may be.  The team member who supports you will be chosen specifically to match the need or activity that you require individualised support for.

4. Benefit your whole family

Life can be challenging at times. Individualised support from Amicus can assist you and your family to find increased peace of mind, trusting that you are getting the support you need and you want.

If gaining more control over who supports you and how you live your best life is important to you, our self-directed team support model may be the solution.

Watch the video below to see how self-directed teams have positively impacted Peter’s life.

If you would like to be supported by an organisation that truly wants the best outcome for you, contact our Bendigo Office on (03) 5441 2666.