Behind the scenes of self-directed teams

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With Amicus, you can rest assured knowing you have a whole team of people to assist you in achieving your goals. Our self-directed teams approach enables your support workers to be more focused more on you, ensuring you receive the best support possible.

The success of our self-directed teams is driven by great communication. Within each cluster of support workers, the teams collectively get together to share knowledge and brainstorm ideas of how they can best support you. Equally, we remove the unnecessary layers of administration and give you more control over the support you receive by allowing you to communicate directly with your support workers so that decisions can be made quickly regarding your support.

Watch the video below to see how our self-directed teams have empowered our support workers to provide the best possible care.

Be supported by a team that continually strives to deliver the best support for you, by calling our Bendigo Office on (03) 5441 2666.