Sharing our ‘One Person at a Time’ approach in NZ

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Our CEO Ann-Maree Davis’ recent visit to New Zealand has been a great testament to the way Amicus delivers it’s supports.

Ann-Maree was invited by Dr Michael Kendrick, an international leader in the disability sector and creator of the Optimal Individualised Service Design (OISD) course, to share Amicus’s journey of transformation with disability professionals from across New Zealand.

The OISD was developed due to the ongoing difficulty faced by many people with a disability, their families, advocates, staff, organisations and funders, to be able to develop services that are truly effective in meeting people’s individual needs.  Unfortunately the service systems that were designed to respond have significant limitations in delivering more individualised supports effectively.

The course provides an intensive learning and development opportunity that supports disability professionals and others, including family members and advocates, to learn essential theory and develop practical skills.  Throughout the 10 day course they are challenged to think beyond what the current service system has to offer and typical service responses, to solutions that are truly individualised and support people to live their best life.

Ann-Maree undertook the OISD in 2010, and credits many of the changes that Amicus has undertaken as part of its transformation, to the learnings from that opportunity.  As a passionate supporter of the OISD, Ann-Maree said she was keen to showcase how Amicus had applied the theory of the OISD to transition their service from a segregated, group support model to a fully community based individualised model, that only works with people ‘One Person At A Time’.

Most of the professionals at the Auckland event were working in organisations who are offering more traditional models of group support and were keen to explore how they might be able to transition to more individualised service models, like that of Amicus. Course participants provided feedback on how inspired they were by Amicus’ story and the difference that working this way was having on the lives of the people that choose their support, with many wanting to make similar changes in their own organisation.

This is the third time Ann-Maree has been asked to share Amicus’ story as part of the OISD in New Zealand, previously working in Hamilton and Tauranga.  Amicus also hosted an OISD in Bendigo in 2012 and plans to host another towards the end of 2019, dates to be confirmed.


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