YOUR VOTE IS YOUR VOICE: 2019 Federal Election

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The federal election has been locked in for Saturday 18th May, so it’s important to make sure you’re ready to vote.

Why is voting important?

Voting is your voice; it is a chance to have your say on what happens in Australia. This means that you have the opportunity to weigh in on the matters that affect your life the most, such as disability policy and the NDIS. You don’t need to be an expert on policy, but you can be informed about how vote will benefit you and your family.

How do I vote?

The Australian Electoral Commission provides assistance for people living with disability to ensure no one is disadvantaged in the electoral system.

There are a number of services in place to ensure voting is accessible for everyone in Australia, including:

  • Accessible voting options, such as accessible voting locations and assistance when voting
  • Easy to read voting guides
  • Postal voting for those with mobility restrictions
  • Telephone voting for those who are blind or have low vision

To see full voting guide for people with disability and mobility restrictions, read here.

How will the election impact me?

The NDIS is a hot topic in this year’s election. Your vote can help to ensure the NDIS is updated to improve access and to achieve better outcomes for people with a disability.

The NDIS was created to ensure you have control over your services, but it can be difficult to understand and navigate. We want to ensure you have the opportunity to access the essential supports you need. 

For more information on how your vote will impact the NDIS, read here.

What outcome does Amicus want from the election? 

  • To see all NDIS participants have access to good planning so they receive the right NDIS support.  Amicus is supporting almost 350 participants across our NDIS Service Delivery and NDIS Support Coordination services and we have seen the difference that good planning can make in relation to a positive NDIS experience, with funding that is matched to their needs and enables people to achieve their goals.  Unfortunately there is inconsistency in planning which is an area we would like to see addressed with training and quality measures that improve this.


  • Amicus were saddened to hear of the reported $1.6 billion surplus reported by the current government in it 2019-20 budget. We believe that this has been generated not as a result of lower than expected intake, but as a result of the significant delays people experience in relation to assessment of eligibility, planning delays and for some people, the multiple review processes required before their plans and NDIS budgets are correct. We would like to see a focus on these processes to improve the efficiency and timeliness of decision making.


  • In recent years there have been numerous reviews conducted into the NDIS, including the report by the Productivity Commission.  All reviews make wide ranging recommendations that would improve the implementation and effectiveness of the scheme. Amicus would like to see to a commitment and the resources to address the systemic issues and implement recommendations that have been independently identified to improve the NDIS for all participants.