Amicus Participant Survey Results A Testament to Our One Person At A Time Model

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At Amicus, we are constantly seeking to provide the best possible service and supports to all our participants and your feedback is welcome at any time. Our annual participant survey is our major tool to capture and collate all of this information in the one place, allowing us to develop key strategies to implement changes which may be required.

How did we do?

What Amicus does well:

The overall feedback generated from the survey was very positive. We scored highly within the areas of respect and activities – something we can accredit to our One Person At A Time Model.  Our top feedback came from the areas of activities and respect, a testament to the One Person at a Time model.

  • Over 62% of responders indicated there was nothing at all they’d like to change about their experience with Amicus
  • Overwhelming feedback from participants was that they love their activities and feel empowered
  • 96% of participants felt they were treated like an adult and with respect
  • 91% were satisfied with feeling that they have a voice and that they’re heard

What we can improve:

Below are the areas highlighted for improvement by participants. These areas have predominantly improved from the 2017 survey results.

  • Communication, such as;
    • Consistent handover information between support workers
    • Support workers being transparent, such as explaining steps and changes to activities
    • Communication of changes to programs and activities – whilst 82% were satisfied with this, we’d like that to be 100%
  • Support workers getting to know the participants by ensuring support workers understand participant’s personal beliefs, traditions and culture, and sexual preference
  • Improving participant’s knowledge in areas of making changes to actives, understanding their Amicus Service Agreement and how to make a complaint
  • Ensuring Amicus is providing easy to understand information for participants

Participant feedback:

“Amicus is the best thing that has happened to me, I wish I could have more time with Amicus.”

“I am very happy with the level of support I am receiving and the variety of activities that I am able to do.”

“Extremely happy with level of respect shown when receiving support.”

“Very happy with staff he has and is always happy to see them. Staff are wonderful.”