Should I Self Manage My NDIS Plan?

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Self direction is an Amicus Value, which means that prioritising it is fundamental to how we work. We believe that everyone has the right to decide what happens in their lives and self-managing your NDIS funding is a great way to ensure you’re receiving the best supports for you.

Self-managing your NDIS funding means that you have the option to manage either all or part of your funding. This enables you can choose what supports you’d like and you can negotiate how much you’d like to spend on those supports.

Self-management gives you control, independence and flexibility in arranging and paying for your supports, so you can work out a plan that’s best for you.

Benefits of Self Managing Your Funding 

There are lots of benefits to self managing your funding, including choosing what supports best suit your needs and the flexibility to use any provider that will best help you to meet your plan goals.

Choosing the right supports for you can help you to achieve more and receive the most from your NDIS funding. Most participants are surprised at how much more they can get out of their funding if they are self managing how it is used.

Whether you’re directing your own funding or managing the funding for a loved one, self management can help you to choose what supports will have the best impact on your life. After all, you know yourself best!   

Hear from Amicus CEO Ann-Maree about Self Direction.

How Amicus Can Support You To Self Manage Your NDIS Funding. 

One of the challenges with self managing NDIS funding is that the system is quite complex, so it can become difficult and people don’t feel confident to speak up about their wants. At Amicus we focus on your personal goals to ensure that you get the most out of your NDIS funding. We will walk you through the journey to build confidence and help you to understand the processes that are going to occur as a part of your NDIS planning and support experience. 

As an organisation we assist with information, support and opportunities for people to direct their own lives and the supports they desire and are always identifying ways to continue to build the capacity of people who choose our support to self-direct their NDIS plan. 

To learn more about self managing your NDIS funding contact Amicus on (03) 5441 2666 to speak to our experienced Intake Team.