Statewide stage 4 COVID-19 restrictions

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Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has announced a five-day lockdown in response to the growing coronavirus outbreak linked to a Melbourne quarantine hotel.

Restrictions will be in effect from 11.59pm Friday 12 February. The measures are expected to be lifted at 11:59pm on Wednesday.

Intrastate travel: travel limit of 5km from place of primary residence

Face coverings: Must be carried at all times
Must be worn indoors and outdoors except if at home, or if an exemption applies

Private gatherings: Not permitted. Intimate partner visits are allowed.

Public gatherings: Not permitted (two people for exercise, or members of your household)

Work: If you can work from home, you must work from home (Essential workers and workplaces excepted)

What does this mean for Amicus?

Amicus is still a provider of essential services.

In home supports will continue as scheduled unless the participant requests that services be suspended.

We are unable to deliver community-based supports given the restrictions, but can support participants for up to 2 hours to exercise or participants can request to have their support delivered at home.


Visitor restrictions:

  • No visitors are permitted into aged care or other residential facility settings, except for end-of-life reasons 
  • Non-essential contractors are restricted from entry

This means that Amicus staff who provide community or in home supports to participants in non Amicus SIL or Supported Residential settings will be cancelled.

We have reviewed the bookings for Melissa Crt and there will be no impact for participants who have scheduled support.

Confirming Supports

We are currently working to contact every participant.