Restrictions easing across Victoria tonight

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A range of restrictions will ease across Victoria from 11.59pm tonight.

Key changes include:

  • You can leave home for any reason
  • Schools will reopen
  • Restaurants and cafes can reopen for seated service
  • Gyms can reopen
  • Retail and beauty and personal care will open, as will entertainment venues and community facilities
  • The Authorised Worker List will no longer apply

Masks will continue to be required everywhere indoors and outdoors (except private residences), unless an exception applies. Results from a recent Burnet Institute study show that masks played a huge role in slowing the spread of the virus in 2020 – and they will be an important part of our defences against the virus for some time to come. 

Victoria will return to the rule that ‘if you can work from home, you should work from home’ but office workers will be able to return up to 25 per cent or up to 10 people, whichever is greater.

Public gatherings will be allowed with up to 10 people, with infants under 12 months not included in the cap.