NDIS Behaviour Support Services – Frequently Asked Questions.

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Amicus has been offering of NDIS Behaviour Support Services with great success and continues to grow the team delivering it. This service was introduced to Amicus as a result of the increased demand and concerned at the lengthy delays that people with a disability, their families and support networks were experiencing in accessing behavioural services. Amicus Behavioural Support services have already …

Things to do over the March long weekend

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With the upcoming long weekend just a few weeks away, it’s always a great opportunity to explore new places, attend an event or simply spend time with your family and friends. There is plenty happening across the region, and we’ve rounded up some activities you may enjoy: 1. Bendigo International Madison Saturday 9 March – Sunday 10 March Tom Flood …

Behind the scenes of self-directed teams

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With Amicus, you can rest assured knowing you have a whole team of people to assist you in achieving your goals. Our self-directed teams approach enables your support workers to be more focused more on you, ensuring you receive the best support possible. The success of our self-directed teams is driven by great communication. Within each cluster of support workers, …

Help your teenager find the things they love to do.

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At Amicus, we assist young people to try the hobbies they are interested in and find the activities they love. The best pathway to finding what you love is, of course, to have a go – to try and test the different hobbies that interest you until you find something that suits. Our individualised approach to providing support allows us to work one-on-one …

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Understanding how self-directed teams create better outcomes

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At Amicus, we believe that every person has the right to decide how they would like to live their best life. Our unique self-directed team framework ensures that each person that we support has the maximum opportunity to achieve this as we remove the unnecessary layers of administration and allow you to communicate directly with the core group of people who …

Tips to Survive the Summer Heat

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On hot days, the effects of extreme heat can cause exhaustion and heat stroke – that’s why it is so important to regulate your body temperature and stay cool. Here are some tips to survive the extreme heat this summer: 1. Drink plenty of water The Department of Health & Human Services recommends keeping a full bottle of water with you …

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Achieve Your Goals in 2019 with a Self-Directed Teams Approach

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In 2019, Amicus will be looking to roll out our self-directed teams approach across the whole organisation. After trialling the approach over the last 18 months, we have seen outstanding results for our participants including, people going back to school, taking holidays and even moving interstate. We believe that these outcomes are a direct result of participants having greater control and choice …

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Tips to enjoy the Summer break

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There’s plenty to do in Bendigo and surrounds over the Summer. Here are some of our favourite activities to enjoy: 1. Go for a walk or ride at your favourite lake or garden On a nice Summer day, soak up the beautiful outdoors by heading for a walk or spending the morning at a lake or garden. If it’s a hot …

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Celebrating 30 Years with the release of ‘One Person At A Time’

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“There is a saying that helping one person might not change the world, but it could change the world for one person. With an organisational vision to create a community that welcomes people for who they are and what they bring, there is still much to do. But rest assured that Amicus will continue its steadfast progress towards realising this …