Our Community Partners

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Educating the Community

As Bendigo’s most innovative service provider, working almost entirely within the local community, Amicus recognises the importance of educating, acknowledging and celebrating its partners so that business owners, leaders and the general community understand the vital role they can and do play in developing genuinely inclusive, personally meaningful and mutually beneficial pathways for people with disability.

And that doesn’t just mean for Amicus participants but, anyone who has a disability and is part of the community. It is only through honouring this obligation to educating the community, identifying and coaching “champions” that we are able to develop the amazing opportunities that we work so hard to create, implement and sustain over time.

Being able to do more together

It may be of no surprise to hear that we can always achieve more by working together. However, it is often a pleasant surprise to our community partners that there are so many benefits that someone can bring to their own operations. Apart from the practical advantages, they also cite the personal positive impact these partnerships have on themselves, their employees or members. They say they enjoy the sense of purpose, fulfilment, contribution and goodwill that they experience as they get to know and work with someone who has a disability.

We are extremely grateful for the commitment demonstrated by all the businesses, clubs and organisations with who we have great working relationships. In doing so, they walk side by side with us and Amicus participants, going the extra yards to be flexible , optimistic and accepting of the unique talents, strengths and cultural richness that a person with disability can bring to the community.

Adding Value and Diversity

Once they see how much someone wants to work or participate, and what they can actually bring to their role, there is usually a sudden realisation that this person is an asset – a valuable team member and someone who can learn, grow and become a valued and productive team member.

Meeting people where they are at

If you are a business owner, club manager or organisation leader, you may feel that you, your staff or your operations are not ready to handle the extra responsibility or have enough available resources to engage someone with a physical or intellectual disability. That’s OK. We hear you loud and clear and can meet you wherever you are at to carefully and strategically create a tailor-made opportunity that has minimal impact on your operations, is carefully facilitated and fully supported by our awesome community support workers and is based on a “two way street” where both parties benefit. This may mean on-site support from Amicus; disability awareness training for your staff, or just starting with a very limited but valued role. It doesn’t need to be a major production or lead part. We always start by identifying something your business or club needs and get that right before we consider asking for more.