Employment & Work Experience

Working with one person at a time Amicus will focus on your talents and interest and explore what is important you as an individual – not just what is currently available. We remove road blocks and facilitate mutually beneficial working relationships.

Amicus employment and skills programs are focussed on assisting people to achieve day to day independence, finding the job they would love to work in and exploring what options and experiences are possible.

Amicus drives new employment pathways – enabling people to experience employment in a variety of sectors and industries. Our programs include community sector and private sector volunteering and work placements, work experience placements via Teen Works, and connecting student and school leavers to job opportunities and career exploration.

Our Approach

By working to develop usual pathways (sometimes referred to as normative pathways) instead of the common pathway to a specialist ‘Disability’ setting, we aim to support self direction and choice.

We foster strong connections within our regional communities to enable new and effective relationships and learning outcomes so that our participants can have access to the best and most appropriate work setting or community group for their personal needs and interests.

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To learn how you can follow the path you are most interested in, contact Peter Fountain:

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