What families say about Amicus

Fran Sokel
Mother of Paul Sokel, Amicus Participant

“…The support workers are always positive and happy and keen to allow my son to enjoy the time spent with them. They encourage him to drive and mix in the community, helping with cooking and shopping as well as fun stuff like playing tennis”

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Sally Barnes
Mother of Brad Barnes, Teen Works Participant

“The whole process was amazing, Amicus helped Brad to create a vision, a plan and support to execute that plan. He was not only part of a team but more than ever part of the Bendigo community and seen in a very positive light.”

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Businesses who work with Amicus

Sean Taylor
Manager of Hard Copy Entertainment

“Amicus helped me to establish and understand my role with Dylan; they created structure and gave the placement real purpose. Over time Dylan’s confidence has grown. He works by himself now; knows what to do and doesn’t need instructions. He brings a great positive attitude into the store and it’s just been a really good experience.”

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Katie Pearce
Distribution manager – The Bendigo Weekly.

“The Bendigo Weekly has been working with Amicus for some time now. This has proven to be a productive association for all involved and great support for our Distribution Team.

Since employing Jye, Paul, Sarah and Peter the deliveries in their allocated areas have been consistent and the feedback from residents has been nothing but positive.”

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Albert ‘Skip’ Skipper
Owner of Rock Pride Music

One of my recommendations for other businesses getting involved in Teenworks is to be positive about it.

To see people like Mitchell grow and grow, for me that is the reward. It makes you realise how good life is. His look on life is incredible and it’s inspiring to me. It’s made me be more thankful for the life that I live. He has influenced me a lot.”

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