Living the Values Award Winners

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The Living the Values Awards are presented each year at the Amicus Annual General Meeting for participants who have been nominated by staff as living and achieving things in their life that are consistent with the Amicus Values. These values include Self Direction, Individuality, Active Participation and Capacity Building – all of which are principles that help our participants live …

Should I Self Manage My NDIS Plan?

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Self direction is an Amicus Value, which means that prioritising it is fundamental to how we work. We believe that everyone has the right to decide what happens in their lives and self-managing your NDIS funding is a great way to ensure you’re receiving the best supports for you. Self-managing your NDIS funding means that you have the option to …

Amicus Senior Behavioural Specialist Megan Phillips

Everything you need to know about Amicus Behavioural Support Services

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Amicus’ newest service, Behavioural Support, is already having great success helping Victorian’s living with a disability manage behaviours of concern and decrease the use of restrictive practise with an individual approach to assessment, planning and therapy. Increasing demand for services locally and long metropolitan waitlists, compelled Amicus to introduce Behavioural Support to its expanding suite of services in 2018. Behavioural …