Choosing a provider

Choosing a provider

NDIS funded supports can be accessed from a range of providers who may or may not be registered with the NDIS. These include businesses or organisations, self-employed contractors, or directly employed staff. One of the NDIS’s main premises is to allow greater choice and control for you in how and where you gain the support you need.

What to consider so that you can safely choose a provider

Firstly it’s important to note that not all your supports may come from your NDIS funding, some things will be available to you from mainstream and community services, your Support Coordinator can assist you to link in with all the services you may need.

For the supports that are funded in your plan these will be linked to the goals you set such as “I want support to access the community” or “I want to move to more suitable housing”.

Do I need to choose a registered NDIA provider?

If your plan is Agency managed (NDIA managed) you will be able to access support only from a provider that is registered with the NDIS Commission.

Registered providers must provide evidence they are set up to provide the support they are registered for, and they are regularly audited by the Commission. This means you can be confident all their staff are trained and have completed the required checks to ensure you are delivered a safe and reliable service.

If your plan is plan or self-managed you will also have the option to choose providers who are not registered with the NDIA.

These support types that must be provided by a registered provider:

– Specialist Disability Accommodation
– Specialist behaviour support services
– Any support where the provider may need to apply a restrictive practice.

What to include in an agreement with a provider

Whoever you engage should have an agreement with you which, at a minimum, gives clear advice about the full costs of the service or support and what the cost covers. It should also advise you how to cancel the agreement and any related conditions.

If you choose to engage an organisation they will arrange your support and take responsibility for the support workers on your behalf. All you need to do is share your goals with them and the budget you are agreeing to spend with them.

What to consider if you're choosing a self-employed contractor to provide support

You can also choose to get support from a self-employed contractor. This is a person who has an Australian Business Number (ABN), they would manage their own insurance, tax and superannuation. If you choose this option you should ask if they have insurance and the qualifications and skills to provide the support, it may also be beneficial to discuss what will happen if they go on holiday or get sick.

Directly employing staff means you will need to recruit and manage the people who support you. You will need to be responsible for all facets of being an employer, which includes recruiting staff, paying their wages, superannuation and any insurances for example work cover.

All providers must obide by the NDIS Code of Conduct

All providers of NDIS funded supports must abide by the NDIS Code of Conduct and have a complaints process if you need to provide feedback. You can make a complaint to the NDIS Commission if you need support with any provider.

The most important thing is you trust your provider, feel safe and listened to

The most important thing when choosing your provider is trust.  You need to feel safe and listened to, you will be inviting these people into your life, sometimes for very personal support, you need to know the care you will receive is professional and open to your feedback.



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