The NDIS provides funding to eligible people based on their individual needs. 
Each participant of the NDIS has an individual plan, with identified goals and funding to help them achieve their goals. NDIS participants use this funding to cover the cost of their chosen supports and services. 
Amicus is an expert on the NDIS and can answer any questions you may have. We can also support you to navigate the system and get the most out of your plan. 

The NDIS at Amicus

NDIS – What does it mean? NDIS stands for the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

National: The NDIS is a scheme of the Australian Government that funds the costs associated with disability. The scheme was legislated in 2013 and went into full operation in 2020.

Disability:  The scheme provides support to eligible people with intellectual, physical, sensory, cognitive and psychosocial disability. Early intervention supports can also be provided for eligible people with disability or children with developmental delay.

Insurance:  The NDIS gives all Australians peace of mind that if they, their child or a loved one, is born with (or acquires) a permanent and significant disability, they will get the support they need.

Scheme:  The NDIS is not a welfare system. The NDIS is designed to help people get the support they need so their skills and independence improve over time. Amicus provides the following NDIS-funded services:

  • Support coordination,
  • Core supports – for everyday activities,
  • Capacity-building supports – to increase independence, and 
  • Capital supports – Specialist Disability Accommodation.

Each budget will be allocated to one of these areas for you to use to meet your goals. 


  • Support Coordination – read more 
  • Core and Capacity building supports – read more 
  • Short-term accommodation (STA) – read more 
  • Supported Independent Living (SIL) – read more 
  • Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) – read more 

If you have an NDIS plan and would like support to understand how to use it, or need help understanding what services Amicus offers within your budget allocation, please call our friendly team.

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