Adult services

Who we work with

We work with you to individualise services to meet your needs and support you to live independently.
We help you to work towards achieving your goals, and finding valued roles, and enjoying community inclusion, so that you can live your best life!
We work with participants who are funded by
  • NDIS
  • TAC
  • CHSP or
  • Fee-for-service.
If you are not sure about your funding, please contact our team to help. 

How we support you to live your best life

Amicus works ‘one person at a time’. 

This means we plan your services with you to make sure they are suitable to what you need, your goals, and your lifestyle. You don’t have to accommodate the needs of others. 

  • Amicus believes that everyone should be able to participate in their community, and we work hard to create these opportunities for you. 
  • We provide support to enable you to actively participate in your communities of choice. 
  • We value each person and welcome everyone for who they are. 

Support available

The Commonwealth Home and Support Programme (CHSP) 

This program offers participants aged 65 years and older (or 50 years and older if you are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander),  social support to help them connect with their community. 

The service is personalised for your needs, and could include:

  • a companion for conversation
  • someone visiting you in your home.

These services are accessible through the Australian Government, My Aged Care. 


NDIS, TAC and fee-for-service support

This support may be in your home or in the community. It can include:

  • Personal care like showering, dressing and grooming.  
  • Independent living support, such as establishing routines, budgeting, shopping, and going to medical appointments.
  • Learning new life skills like catching public transport, cooking, cleaning, and running your home.
  • Developing skills to access further education, get a job or be a volunteer.
  • Social participation such joining a social or hobby group of your choice, attending community events, and meeting friends at a café. 
  • Building better relationships with your friends or family. 

If you have an idea, if you have a goal, just chat with us! We would love to make it happen.

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