Why choose Amicus?

Benefits of using a registered provider

Choosing a support provider can be daunting, with a number of different options available, including:

  • registered providers
  • non-registered providers, 
  • self-employed contractors, 
  • agencies, or 
  • employ staff directly.

Here are the key questions to ask when making this choice:

  • You should feel safe, listened to and confident that the care you will receive is professional. 
  • An agency like Amicus is routinely and independently audited against NDIS practice standards.
  • All providers of NDIS-funded supports must agree to abide by the NDIS Code of Conduct and have a complaints process in place. 
  • If your plan is managed by the NDIA, you can only access support from a registered provider. 
  • Self-managed and plan-managed plans have the option to choose providers who are not registered with the NDIA. 
  • Some supports must be provided by a registered provider, such as Specialist Disability Accommodation, Specialist Behaviour Support Services and where a restrictive practice may be applied.
  • Registered providers undergo regular audits to ensure they maintain a high level of service.
  • Unregistered providers are not required to undertake this rigorous checking, so it’s hard to know if they are applying the standards.
  • Registered NDIS providers will only engage workers who have an NDIS worker screening clearance in risk-assessed roles. 
  • You can request unregistered providers demonstrate or obtain a clearance to support before choosing to work with them.
  • Self-employed support providers must have an ABN, manage insurance, tax and superannuation. It is important to confirm the appropriate insurance, the correct qualifications and skills for the specific support type.
  • Check the continuity plan for sickness and annual leave to ensure supports are reliable.
  • If directly employing staff, you will need to recruit and meet standard employer obligations including payroll, superannuation and Workcover insurance.



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