About Amicus

Amicus supports people with a disability of all ages and vulnerable children to dream big and to live a good life.

Amicus is recognised internationally as a leader in the provision of disability services and we deliver 24-7 support to assist individuals to participate in valued roles within the community.

Easy Read Fact Sheet

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What we believe in

Amicus ensures participants and their families can communicate and direct the types of support they want, and that they are able to participate actively in their community. We believe that every person deserves a chance to follow their passion and to feel included.

We facilitate this process by concentrating on the unique needs and interests of the individual and their families, their personality and the outcomes identified. We identify skills, strengths, capacities, networks and areas for growth; then, with your input, we design, implement and support access to tailor-made opportunities that provide inclusion in meaningful participation in community life.

Careful collaborative planning starts with the participant and can include families, friends, neighbours, formal and informal circles of support and our partners in the broader community.

Our Values

  • Self Direction

    Each person chooses for themselves. Everyone has the right to decide what happens in their lives. We assist with information, support and opportunities for people to direct their own lives and the supports they desire.

  • Individuality

    We welcome and respect that people are individuals and have their own cultural background. At Amicus, this means people we support, families, people who work there, volunteers and everyone in the community.

  • Active Participation

    Each person should be involved with, and part of, the community, and have the right to choose how they wish to be involved. We support people to be and feel part of the community and contribute in their own way.

  • Capacity Building

    We ensure everyone has the skills they need; individuals, families, our team, volunteers, people in the community and our sector. We give everyone the chance to learn and exceed expectations; innovative supports that empower individuals to have a fulfilling life.

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