NDIS Behaviour Support


Amicus Behaviour Support Team – Megan and Georgie.

Amicus has been offering NDIS Behaviour Support Services with great success and continues to grow the team delivering it. This service was introduced to Amicus as a result of the increased demand and concerned at the lengthy delays that people with a disability, their families and support networks were experiencing in accessing behavioural services.

Contact Us About Behaviour Support Services

Amicus Behaviour Support services have already been achieving some great outcomes for participants, who through Capacity building – improved relationships funding have been able to better understand and manage their mental health diagnoses and symptoms, improve confidence and access the community, and increase their social networks.

We’ve compiled some of our most frequently asked questions below, but please get in touch with our Behaviour Support Services team if there is anything further we can answer or assist you with.

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Us About Behaviour Support Services

You can get in touch with Amicus’ Behaviour Support Services team by emailing bss@amicus.org.au